Detour variant of Sanmartin

the Sanmartin-Oradea link road will be 5.7km long, plus road ramps with a total length of 2km. The project also involves the construction of 2 bridges, 2 overpasses, a viaduct and 5 roundabouts. A 3m wide cycle path is planned

Oradea Polyvalent Hall

5,300 spectators for sports competitions; 7,200 spectators for other events; main hall for sports competitions; training hall – with a playing surface made of solid beech parquet that can be dismantled for events; 6mm pixelpitch multimedia cube; 2 pixelpitch 10mm

Aquapark Toldi Salonta

The water park will cover 2.8 ha, will have an area of ​​over 10,000 square meters. The outdoor capacity of the aquapark will be 1,500 people and the indoor capacity of 300 people.

Craiova International Airport – Expansion and modernization

project includes the construction of a new passenger terminal with a constructed area of 12,791sqm, a new car park serving the entire airport, access roads, levelled runway apron surface, safety area, technology roads, taxiways, security control equipment and systems, as

Restoration, rehabilitation and consolidation of University of Bucharest

the project includes the structural consolidation of the entire building, restoration of the roof and replacement of degraded wooden elements, restoration of facades, restoration of historic decorations, removal of moisture and infiltration, installation of an architectural lighting system and enhancement