Multifunctional Cultural Centre

  • The project includes the construction of the building, the provision of utilities, access, walkways and pedestrian platforms, as well as landscaping.
  • The building will have a built-up area of 10,450 sqm and a total usable area of 8,015 sqm. The main spaces of the future building are: the main hall with a surface area of 1,244 sqm and 1,077 seats, including 22 seats for disabled people, the stage, the stage pockets and the artists’ spaces. There will also be two secondary multi-purpose halls with a total surface area of approximately 607 sqm, foyers with a total surface area of approximately 1,630 sqm, including both a basement space and a cultural co-working space.
  • The beneficiary of this project is Bihor County Council, and the project will be financed with European funds, through the Romania – Hungary Cross-Border Programme.

The technical project was carried out by the company Stefano Pozzi&Pozzi, in a project competition.

Project value: 122.284.127,49 lei
Time of execution: 32 months

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