Project Manager – Water and sewerage


– coordinates the activities with in the project, directly supervising the technical teams, consultants and other collaborators involved;

– establishes long-term collaboration relations with the partners, clients, beneficiaries and financiers of the project;

– prepares the budget and the cash flow of the project for the final contracts in accordance with the submitted proposal, with the comments of the beneficiary and with the activities foreseen to be carried out within the project, ensuring the resources necessary for its good development;

– monitors in time the progress achieved towards the proposed objectives and draws up monthly reports to the financiers, partners and beneficiaries in compliance with the data provided in the contracts;

– ensures the circulation of information within the project and for other compartments of the organization, periodically organizing meetings with the project team and presenting the project to the other compartments;

– ensures the solution of the problems appeared in the realization of the project and informs in time the management team about the problems appeared and cannot solve them at its level;

– properly archives all the documentation related to the project;

– prepares new projects that capitalize on the existing expertise at the level of the organization and the results of previous projects and makes budget proposals for each project that it submits for approval to the economic director;

– makes proposals to improve the working style in order to maximize the efficiency of achieving the proposed objectives;

– evaluates the impact of the project and communicates it to the management, financiers and project partners;


Studies: University Degree Construction, Hydrotechnics, or Installations

Experience: as a project manager on at least 2-3 projects;

PC: Office, Microsoft project – advanced level


– motivating salary

– laptop

– work phone

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